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Selena Gomez Lims

This Last Icon Maker Standing community is dedicated to the cute and talented teen actress Selena Gomez.

Welcome to selenalims, selena gomez last icon maker standing. This LIMS is just like any other LIMS, all you have to sign up at the sign up post, otherwise your submission will be void. There is usually one challenge throughout a week, and a voting period, according to my schedule. A skip will be given to you when you are signed up, and an extra one if you promote.

Icons must be made especially for this competition, and do not post them anywhere until the elimination/winners post goes up. Also, please do not delete your icons from your servers until you either win or are disqualified.

Past winners:
Round 1: dudette_in_town
Round 2: bttrlftunsd
Round 3: sparkly_cracker
Round 4: x_x_emilina

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